Patient Is UP

Palarum’s PUP® (Patient Is UP) solution utilizes a platform built around a patented Smart Sock and IoT technologies which document and notify caregivers when a patient is truly up and out of bed unattended. This technology is an advancement from the currently utilized methods in Hospitals and provides Hospitals and Hospitals system with the technology and data to drive results within their organization.

Setting New Benchmarks

Patient falls in the U.S. are a devastating problem. Every year nearly 1 million patients in U.S. Hospitals fall while hospitalized. CMS data reports that the average US Hospital experiences 5 falls per 1000 patient days. The average medical cost for each patient fall is $10,220, or 10 Billion annually for medical costs associated with patient falls. Results matter!

CMS Data:  5 falls per 1000 patient days

Palarum:   1 fall per 1000 patient days


Palarum’s PUP® “Smart” Socks

A revolutionary, patented wearable technology to help prevent patient falls and enhance rehabilitation therapy. Using eTextile and IoT technologies, PUP® socks issue real-time alarms to immediately notify nearby nurses that a fall-risk patient is out of bed, standing, and/or attempting to walk unassisted.

Cutting-Edge Notification System

Palarum’s Smart Badge was created as part of our platform to assist caregivers in responding to patient safety alerts. The Smart Badge is used to notify the 3 closest caregivers exactly which room a patient is up un-attended. This smart notification system help drives down alarm fatigue and ensure the most appropriate caregivers are notified of a safety event.

Actionable Data

Palarum collects first of its kind real-time data on activity on our platform. This data, presented in easy to read dashboard and reports can be used to help monitor and drive an institution’s fall prevention program.